Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is pre-loved fashion?

Too much of our clothing is sent off to be shredded, or even straight to landfill, as fashions change and the big high-street chains try hard to get us to buy new stuff every few weeks. Instead, I believe that we should keep wearing beautiful, classic pieces of clothing for many seasons.

How are the clothes 'Ethical'?

The clothes are from; Tommy Hilfigure and Ralph Lauren's loose ends, clothes from Charity Shops, Old clothes people don't want any more all of these would otherwise go to landfill and might even end up in the ocean wich is bad. So that is how the clothes are Ethical and they will not hurt the enviroment as much or as soon! The packaging I use is home-compostable and re-sealable so you could either reuse the bag or put it in the compost bin or food waist!

What conditon are the clothes in?

The clothes conditions vairy from 'Large stain on front' to 'Pretty much perfect' if I have noticed any stains or faults I will note them in the descrption or above the product! Remember that new is new to you, it is way better for the environment to buy pre-loved rather than straight from the shop and then through it away when fashion changes! I personaly have washed, steamed and carefuly folded each piece before it is sent out to you!