Eco-bricks are made by stuffing LOADS of single use plastic into a plastic bottle. They recommend 670g of total weight in a 2L bottle that can take a full sack of rubbish to fill!! In my experience this is REALLY difficult, I have been compacting single use plastic into my first Eco-brick for a couple of weeks now, from time to time, and it feels really full but only weighs 356g.

I've been amazed where the plastic has come from!!

Some of it is obvious like the plastic film around a plastic tray of mushrooms from the supermarket or the shrink wrap plastic around bath bombs, big dog chews from the supermarket and the shrink wrap around my brother's Lego boxes. We all know it is EVERYWHERE! That is terrible.

Then there are those places where they are not so obvious.

The one that has annoyed me this week is Toaster Waffles from a famous brand where not only are they all wrapped in plastic but then pairs within the bigger pack are wrapped in MORE plastic. The idiots even boast 'double wrapped for freshness!'

Oh the thing that has really driven me mad this week is that my eco packaging arrived but in.....PLASTIC! Not only that, but in 2 LAYERS of single use plastic! Aaarrrgghh!