Eco-friendly food

Today I ventured to my local farm shop for the first time and got bread, cheese and eggs although there was much much more that we could choose from including milk, avocados, garlic, tomatoes and citrus fruits. Most of this they grow or make themselves, but the avocados and citrus are obviously from elsewhere.

The one thing I could have done better here was to bring a bag and then I could have got a lot more things from there! Also, it operates an 'honesty box', which is an idea I love, but Daddy and I have got used to being able to pay by card - so we need to remember to keep more change for the farm shop!

Then we got in the car again and headed to the local minimal-packaging shop with my mask. I took my own boxes to fill up with food. When we got there we picked out some chocolate-covered raisins, honey-and-chilli peanuts and some dried mango.

I loved the way the mango was packaged: it had a bit of plastic but that was made from reused plastic bottles and you could recycle or reuse them. The rest of the little bag was compostable tissue.

The nice lady in the shop allowed Daddy and me to try some carob covered ginger and some crunchy granola nibbles. I hadn't heard of carob before, but it is a vegan alternative to chocolate - I don't like ginger so didn't try it, but Daddy said it was delicious. I would like to try it one day soon!

I noticed that they had herbs, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, clothes softener, chocolate buttons and loads more. When I got home I absolutely loved the chocolate raisins and the dried mango, the spicy peanuts were amazing but maybe a bit to spicy for me!

This was one of my first times doing minimalistic shopping, I will tell you more about my adventure to become more sustainable.