Girls' fashion Winter 2020/21

Girls' fashion this season is all about greys and blacks, checks, fur, denim, lace, red and pastel colours.

You can achieve the lace look with my pink jumper.

You can achieve the check look with my check shirt.

You can achieve the red look with my red long sleeve top and more.

You can achieve the greys and blacks monochrome look with my black polo shirt, grey jumper, black and yellow polo shirt and many more.

In this picture you can see my little brother and me in the summer of 2018. You can see me in a black and white long sleeve top and denim trousers, showing that some of these classic looks work season after season. That's why I believe you should buy 'pre-loved' and not 'fast fashion' from the High Street, with its short life, plastic bags and plastic hangers!!

By the way, I also think my brother's polo and cargo-pants look is great.