Litter picking

Today I went litter picking around my local area. I was astonished. There were plastic bottles, chocolate wrappers, cans, cigarettes, bottle lids, pill containers and even plastic straws that we have known for a long time are bad for the environment.

We had two bags, the first bag we got about a quarter of a mile it took about 30 minutes to collect a full rubbish bag of plastic and non reusable things. The pandemic has caused there to be more masks and plastic gloves being littered. I live near a train station so I found that people were buying drinks and then throwing them off the platform they would have stayed there for around the next 450 years if nobody had collected them.

With bag number two, I got 10 minutes in and had it a quarter full with plastic bottles and cans half emptied, sweets and gum tubes half finished and lots lots more. Although I did get some exercise, fresh air and I got to walk my dog that is really important. I realised half way through that it would be better with a litter picker so I can reach into bushes and places I otherwise could not get to with my hands and so that I can be safer whilst picking up things that are sharp like glass or that could be full of disease like cigarettes, masks or plastic gloves.

All of this rubbish in this bin is from the litter pick and that is only bag one although sadly I had to put it in the general waste.

We create too much rubbish and it needs to stop.