Looking after the birds

I tried hanging a bird box in a tree for the first time today.

Earlier in the week I kept seeing the birds going in and out of the other bird boxes hanging on the tree, and up at the top of the tree I saw a nest.

The new box that I hung is the third in the tree and is all natural, made of woven sticks and wicker. The light green one was made by my grandpa out of recycled wood that other people didn't want and he gave it to us as a Christmas present.

After I hung the pear shaped bird box in the tree I filled up the bird feeder with sunflower hearts. It was very hard to hang the sunflower hearts because they kept falling out of the bird feeder every time I accidently banged the feeder. This is because we don't have a sunflower heart feeder and sunflower hearts are really tiny. I loved hanging the bird feeder and looking after the birds.