My HotBin

To compost food waste we use a HotBin it composts food waste, garden waste and even paper and cardboard. In my experience the HotBin doesn't really love normal paper but it loves newspapers!

1 third of the food that is produced for us is wasted. If you don't compost then most of your recycling is probably food waste. Food at landfill takes longer to decompose because there is methane gas, it is a greenhouse gas that is part of climate change. Methane gas is from plastic melting and then that produces Methane.

With the compost that comes out of the bottom of the HotBin we grow LOTS of veg and flowers. Sometimes the HotBin stinks when I open it but that is just a sign that it is working well. For every 10kg of waste we put into the HotBin we get about 2-3kg of compost. The temperature of the HotBin when it is working properly is 40-60 degrees celsius. Normal compost bins in 10 degrees celsius takes around 12-24 months to compost but with HotBin it is only takes 30-90 DAYS!

If you don't already have a HotBin I recommend getting one!

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