Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is great but getting it from the wrong suppliers can leave devastating impacts on our eco-systems and the world around them. Fast fashion is terrible for the environment and it needs to stop although this is starting to happen it needs to happen faster .I don't think that the people behind fast fashion really realize the impact their companies have on the environment, or they do and they choose to ignore it, which is not acceptable.

Rana Plaza, the factory in Dhaka that collapsed in 2013, it had terrible working conditions and often child labour. Big fast fashion brands including Primark, Mango and Matalan had people their making garments for them. Around 1,130 people died and injured more than 2,500 people.

Although there are companies still using fast fashion there are businesses using Sustainable Fashion or Eco Fashion in other words they think of the environment and the consequences that those actions will have and then make them so much more environmentally friendly. Carbon Neutral is when a company makes as much oxygen as they do carbon dioxide in making their products and shipping them.


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