Toothpaste Tabs

I have recently bought organic, natural toothpaste tabs after learning about how bad toothpaste tubes can be and I had just finished my old one so I thought that it was time to try something new.....toothpaste tabs are the perfect solution. The toothpaste tabs come in a jar so that you can keep it and put herbs or other small things in, you can also get toothpowder and natural toothpaste that also come in a jar.

I don't really like mint flavours in toothpaste so I got one that is herbal and I love it! You can get tabs and powder in lots of different flavours but are still good to clean your teeth with there is a flavour for everybody! You can also get mouthwash tablets but I still have my mouthwash and I have for a couple of months so I am going to get some of those when my mouthwash has run out!

Also in the bathroom when you have finished your shampoo and conditioner consider getting a bar of it to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill, most of the time when you buy something that there is a other option that is covered in plastic the item that has no plastic on it is often wrapped in tissue paper or cardboard so there is no plastic packaging being wasted.

I got my tooth-tabs from Peace With The Wild they provide LOADS of eco products and I am slowly going to replace all of my plastic items with the no-plastic version. These toothpaste tabs are incredible I 100% recommend.